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“Yeah I’ve been Alberta Bound for all my life. And I’ll be Alberta Bound until I die” Paul Brandt

Paul Brandt is a country music artist featured on one of the Merritt Murals in Merritt BC Canada in the Nicola Valley. Therefore if you have never checked out the Merritt BC Murals then you should put it on your to-do list when visiting the Canadian Country Music Capital of Canada in Merritt BC Canada

Paul Brandt – Born Country

Paul Rennée Belobersycky, (aka Paul Brandt), was born on July 21st, 1972. By the same token if you live in Canada and listen to country music then you have most likely heard of Paul Brandt. Born in Calgary Alberta , Paul was raised approximately one hour away in Airdrie, Alberta, Canada. As a matter of fact Paul started his career as a nurse. He worked as a Pediatric RN until his hit song “My Heart has a History” from his debut album “Calm Before the Storm” made the country music charts in 1996.  

Rob Lee (Experience Nicola Valley / Mural Painted by Michelle Loughery

Paul Brandt Live In Merritt

Paul Brandt played in the Country Music Capital of Canada a couple times over the years. Therefore has gained a larger following within the region of the Nicola Valley. As a result Paul has been a popular performer playing twice at the Merritt Mountain Music Festival (now called the Rockin River Music Festival). He first played in 2005 and again in 2009. 

“Everything in my heart I’ll give you. Everything in my soul, it’s yours”, Paul Brandt 

A Country Music Career

In 1996, Paul Brandt entered the country music charts with his hit country music single “My Heart Has a History”. The break through country music hit song put him on the radar on the international stage. Consequently, this recognition propelled him to be the first male Canadian country musician to reach the Top 10 of the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart in the United States in 24 years.

Paul Brandt’s History of Country Music

Brandt’s first attempt at country music came with his first demo with A&R records at the Warner Canada office.  In addition the demo was sent to their colleagues at Warner Nashville. To clarify, this was an attempt to find a country music singer of which the two branches could work together on. Paige Levy of Nashville A&R was impressed with the country music talent of Paul Brandt. As a result Paige Levy forwarded the demo to Hit Quarters in hopes of putting a larger spotlight on Paul Brandt and his potential as a songwriter.

On The Road To Nashville

Because of this increased exposure, Paul headed to Nashville to develop his style and country music talents. As a matter of fact, the move to Nashville helped spearhead some collaborative efforts in songwriting with some experienced country music stars. Ultimately it was a smart move as it elevated Paul’s song writing skills. Because of this focus on his song writing skills Paul created the album, “Calm before the Storm”. From there on in, the albums began to roll out. 

“Yeah I’ve been Alberta Bound for all my life. And I’ll be Alberta Bound until I die”, Paul Brandt

Brandt’s second album, “Outside the Frame”, album did not have the same success as “Calm Before the Storm”. Determination and a never-quit attitude fueled Paul’s passion for song writing and performing. This passion for country music led to his third album “Thats the Truth”. Three albums later in 2000 he released his Canada only album “What I want to be Remembered for”. And take it from me, there is plenty to remember about Paul Brandt. 

Brand-T Records Was Born

After this Paul started “Brand-T Records” with geat success. That is to say that his own label earned him numerous awards. It seems that being unsigned helped Paul Brandt up his game and produce an acoustic album, “Small Town and Big Dreams”.  In the light of his new direction, the album earned him the CCMA Album of the Year. But that was just the beginning.

Paul Brandt Selfie Photo

This Time Around For Paul Brandt

His follow up album, “This Time Around” earned Paul the CCMA Album of the Year and the song “That’s What I Love About Jesus” earned him a GMA Canada Covenant Award. In short, the album had legs as it went platinum in Canada. Consequently other hit songs were recognized on the air waves like “Leavin'”, featuring Keith Urban and his remake of  “Convoy”.  Lastly, from the same album, “Alberta Bound” was released. This song was a tribute to his home province of Alberta, Canada

Then Comes Risk 

The album, “Risk”, was released in 2007.  Soon later the Canadian Juno Awards came calling in April 2008 and awarded Paul the Country Recording of the Year.  Not to mention in May of 2007 the first single, “Didn’t Even See the Dust,” was released. Consequently you should know that in 2007 in Canada the single “Dust” was one of the 20 most played country music songs in the nation.

Life Is In The Song

The momentum kept building for Paul. In addition, in September 2011, he released the album “Give It Away”.  Soon later, in October 2012, he continued with the follow up gospel album named, “Just As I Am”.  In short, Paul’s collection of songs referred to many of his personal life stories detailing the story of  Paul’s childhood and growing up in Canada.  

Paul Brandt Inducted Into The Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame

Canadian Country Music Awards

Paul has been fortunate enough to win multiple awards including Male artist of the Year/Album of the Year and Videos of the Year. 

Canadian Country Music Awards (courtesy of Wikipedia)
  • SOCAN SIN Cng of the Year: “My Heart Has A History” 1996 
  • Male Artist Of The Year 1997 
  • SOCAN Song of the Year: “I Do” 1997 
  • Single Of The Year: “I Do” 1997 
  • Video Of The Year: “I Do” 1997 
  • Male Artist Of The Year 1998 
  • The Male Artist Of The Year 1999 
  • Male Artist Of The Year 2000 
  • Video Of The Year: “That’s The Truth” 2000 
  • Male Artist Of The Year 2002 
  • The Album of the Year: Small Towns and Big Dreams 2002 
  • Album of the Year: This Time Around 2005 
  • CMT Video of the Year: “Convoy” 2005 
Country Music Association
  • Global Artist of the Year 2005 
CMT (United States)
  • Top New Male Artist 1996 

GMA Canada Covenant Awards

  • Country/Bluegrass Song of the Year: “That’s What I Love About Jesus” 2005 
  • Seasonal Album Of The Year: A Gift 2007 
  • The Seasonal Song of the Year: “A Gift” 2007 
  • Album of the Year: Just As I Am 2013 
  • Artist of the Year 2013 
  • Country/Bluegrass Album of the Year: Just As I Am 2013 

Juno Awards And Paul Brandt

  • Country Male Vocalist of the Year 1997 
  • Male Vocalist of the Year 1998 
  • Country Male Vocalist of the Year 1998 
  • The Best Country Male Vocalist 1999 
  • Best Country Male Artist 2000 
  • The Best Country Male Artist 2001
  • Country Recording Of The Year: Risk 2008 
  • Allan Waters Humanitarian Award 2008 
Western Canadian Music Awards
  • Outstanding Country Recording: Risk 2008 
Other Awards
  • Alberta Music Awards Lifetime Achievement Award 2011 
  • Canadian Country Album of the Year “Give It Away” by iTunes Rewind 2011 
  • Awarded HRM The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal 2013 

Canadian Country Music Hall Of Fame

In 2017 Paul Brandt was inducted into the Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame. The venue is located in Merritt BC Canada and celebrates the accolades of Canadian country music singers, songwriters, producers and builders. From the Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame one can easily access the over 20+ murals in the community featuring country music artists.

Merritt BC Canada Murals and Walk of Stars

Throughout the downtown area one can find paintings of many of your favorite country music stars.  Located at 2025 Coutlee Avenue in Merritt BC is Paul Brandt’s mural which is on the side of the City Furniture building. Equally important to mention are the Walk of Stars located throughout the community. The Walk of Stars is a collection of hand prints (and one foot print) located throughout the community featuring various artists who have visited Merritt BC. 

The Merritt Mural Project was created in 2005. The Merritt BC Murals were part of a successful program called, the “Merritt Youth Mural Project”.  To clarify, it was a project designed for working with local young artists and “ youth at risk”. Merritt Murals were painted by muralist Michelle Loughery.

** Information resources includes Paul Brandt website,  Wikipedia page, and Facebook and Twitter social media pages.

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