What others say about the Nicola Valley – Testimonials

We live, work and play in Merritt so it means a lot to us when our efforts are recognized with testimonials, support letters and encouraging comments.

Fishing The Wild West TV Show

“There is no end to the rainbow trout in the Nicola Valley BC. Merritt & Nicola Valley BC is truly a trout anglers’ paradise! I spent 2 days fishing 2 of the 200+ lakes in the area for rainbow trout and I’ve never caught and released so many rainbow trout in a single day in… Read more “Fishing The Wild West TV Show”

Wes David

Best Marketing Program in Canada

Best Marketing Program in Canada “[i]n a relatively short space of time [Tourism Nicola Valley] has clearly created something unique in the market that is making a big difference to people in the community. The program is both informative and educational and really helps put a focus on local businesses and what they do well.… Read more “Best Marketing Program in Canada”

Tom Avon, Canada Prestige Awards.

Best Community Marketing Program

Best Community Marketing Program for communities under 20,000 pop. “the BCEDA has given these awards to individuals and groups who have dedicated their time to community-based economic development. These awards recognize BCEDA members’ outstanding work in supporting their local economies, and making a meaningful difference in their… Read more “Best Community Marketing Program”

Dale Wheeldon, BCEDA President and CEO.

BC Business Magazine

“This volunteer community engagement effort has brought the community together to ensure a better, stronger… Read more “BC Business Magazine”

BC Business Magazine

Outstanding Achievements

Community Marketing:  “You have created a winning focus on showcasing all the beauty and splendor that your region has to offer to an audience that has spanned the globe, all while positively impacting your local community as well. I wish you all the best as you celebrate these outstanding achievements. ” Blake Richards… Read more “Outstanding Achievements”

Blake Richards - Federal MP

Best in the West

” Best program we have seen in these parts for some time, and by these parts, I mean British Columbia, Canada. Unique, fun, informative and connects community with tourism. Well… Read more “Best in the West”

Theo Joseph

Positive Stories

“So well deserved! Congratulations to all the bloggers and talk show hosts and everyone involved in promoting The Nicola Valley. It’s refreshing to see such positive stories about where we live.” Diane… Read more “Positive Stories”

Diane Herrick

National & Provincial Award Winners

“Fantastic news to learn that the Merritt and Nicola Valley Destination Marketing Society has been recognized nationally and provincially for their innovative Experience Nicola Valley Program. This economic development and tourism initiative has created many positive experiences and results in our community. Thank you goes out to all who play a part in this authentic,… Read more “National & Provincial Award Winners”

Manuel Olguin, Community Futures Nicola Valley

Great Talk Show

“You both did a great job!! Thank you!!” Dong Yun Cho… Read more “Great Talk Show”

Shined a new bright light

Your Experience Nicola Valley blog articles have shined a new bright light on the City of Merritt BC through your sharing of positive stories and experiences. My business is grateful and I have been told from others they are just as… Read more “Shined a new bright light”

Diane Lavoie
D & D Emprium

Easy To Book

The new website will allow those both near and far to see for themselves what we have to offer. The spotlight will be placed on local businesses and organizationsto promote products, services and events. The exposure will entice people to visit and support these hardworking folks in the valley. The program makes it easy to… Read more “Easy To Book”

Jackie Tegart
MLA - Legislative Assembly of British Columbia


I am really excited about future of tourism in the Merritt and the Nicola Valley area. A strong team of bloggers are writing almost daily about the many opportunities and adventures we have to offer in this area. The opportunity to tell the world about our hidden gem by local residents is, to me,… Read more “Priceless”

Tony Luck
Merritt City Councilor


We are very excited about this project and specifically how it showcases and supports local businesses here in Merritt. Tourism dollars are such a huge source of income for so many of Merritt’s business owners, but the work that Tourism Nicola Valley and eh Canada have done on building this “Experience Nicola Valley” brand is… Read more “Amazing”

Meagan Preston

Unlike any other

This is a very exciting project, and will expose Merritt and the Nicola Valley to yet another great asset….. “The Blogging Program”. Tourists like to read about “real life experiences” , and that is what they will see. This program is unlike any other that has been launched in Merritt and the Nicola Valley. We… Read more “Unlike any other”

Mae Ketter
Community Futures Nicola Valley

Benefit to our community

The bloggers have written about the wonders of Merritt and the Nicola Valley-the geography, the sunny days, the community events and attractions, the food, the outdoor adventures, the art and culture. I know this new venture will be a benefit to our community and will attract new visitors, new residents, and new businesses, and will… Read more “Benefit to our community”

Jano Howarth
Courthouse Gallery

Joy to Watch and Grow

I wanted to pass along our sincere thanks for your generous support in my business, your dedication and facilitation of the Experience Nicola Valley blog. The Experience Nicola Valley blog has been a joy to watch and grow into what it is today – a major positive influencer online for attracting more people to our… Read more “Joy to Watch and Grow”

Kelly Hanson
Mellah Leuca Day Spa

Positve Energy

Developing a working model for community tourism marketing is one of the most important and sometimes elusive tasks for community groups. The Experience Nicola Valley blog led by Tourism Nicola Valley has created the positve energy and focus we need moving forward in the next 10… Read more “Positve Energy”

Kathy Castro
Planet Hair and Spa

Superior Job

The Experience Nicola Valley program is a clear, well-designed marketing program having all of us in the business community moving in a positive direction as one unit. Tourism Nicola Valley and the Experience Nicola Valley blog are doing a superior job at introducing more travelers to the… Read more “Superior Job”

Gurpreet Sekhon
Ramada Inn - Merritt

Exciting, Fresh and New

Tourism Nicola Valley has delivered an engaging and informative marketing platform in the way of the Experience Nicola Valley Blog. It is an exciting, fresh and new approach to economic development that is receiving tremendous praise inside and outside the… Read more “Exciting, Fresh and New”

Tod Dean
Merritt Printing

Excellent Program

I want to thank Exerience Nicola Valley blog for an excellent program. I watch and hear some great feedback about your program, as well as, I have witnessed it myself. You have motivated us all very… Read more “Excellent Program”

Vicki Hanson
Miss Vicki's Petals & Plants

So Valuable

Fascinating. Definitely bookmarking this page. Really valuable… Read more “So Valuable”

Property Management Group


I will surely bookmark it and come back to read more of your useful information. Thanks for the impressive… Read more “Impressed”

Robert Jackson
Owen Brothers Catering

Live the dream

Merritt is a beautiful place. I can see why you wanted to live the dream in… Read more “Live the dream”



This is just some kind of brilliant! The people not cities marketing communities. Makes so much sense they live, work and play in the community. They are passionate about the community. Just… Read more “Brilliant”

Jennifer Huher

Go To Blog Sites

Experience Nicola Valley is becoming one of my “go-to blog sites” as a source of helpful information when exploring Merritt… Read more “Go To Blog Sites”

Eric Worrei
Alberta Canada

Love How Your Community Works

I love the way your community works and the way you use content. Congratulations to those community… Read more “Love How Your Community Works”

Suzanne Cavanagh
Creative Planet Media

Best Thing That Has Happen To Merritt In A Long Time

If you haven’t yet checked out Experience Nicola Valley website, then you have to get on it and share, share, share! This is the best thing that’s happened for Merritt in a long time and with the help of some amazing volunteer bloggers, the city is being promoted around the… Read more “Best Thing That Has Happen To Merritt In A Long Time”

Shelley Sanders
Canadian Country Music Heritage Society

Growing up in Merritt

“I think my family grew up in the best place in the whole world, so many… Read more “Growing up in Merritt”

Ida McWilliam Makaro
Merritt BC

If you like to go camping, hiking or spending time in nature, then you will love it!

Merritt and the Nicola Valley have the most beautiful rolling hills and pristine lakes. If you like to go camping, hiking or spending time in nature, then you will love it! An added bonus are the warm and friendly… Read more “If you like to go camping, hiking or spending time in nature, then you will love it!”

Lisa Olson
Publisher, Orchard & Vine Magazine

Our favorite place to camp has always been Monck Park.

We have camped in BC Parks all over the Province, but our favourite has always been Monck Park. We love the Nicola Valley and this campground and park like no… Read more “Our favorite place to camp has always been Monck Park.”

M&F Gurney
Salt Spring Island, BC

It is a great, historic BC town offering many splendid home-cooking cafés and a lovely walk around town.

When you drive the Coquihalla between Hope and Kamloops or Kelowna, make sure you plan a rest stop in Merritt. Take an hour, get off the highway, bypass the franchise outlets and get into town. It is a great, historic BC town offering many splendid home-cooking cafés and a lovely walk around town. If you… Read more “It is a great, historic BC town offering many splendid home-cooking cafés and a lovely walk around town.”

Rick Blacklaws
Photographer - White Rock, BC

Simply stunning drive

We drove through Logan Lake to Merritt, on our way to Vancouver. Outstanding! Simply stunning, as is the Arts… Read more “Simply stunning drive”

Michael and Vicki Taylor

Riches of Merritt

It is so exciting to see the riches of Merritt showcased to the world in such a creative manner! We are proud to be the first community to have a community blogging team through Eh… Read more “Riches of Merritt”

Melvina White
Tourism Nicola Valley

Nicola Valley. Good People. Good Times.

Working with the team in the Nicola Valley I can say that the people we have met and the adventures we have explored has left a lasting impression on… Read more “Nicola Valley. Good People. Good Times.”

Greg "Gug" Girard