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We Live, Eat and Breathe The Nicola Valley

We are real people doing real things while living in the Nicola Valley. We hold down jobs and we blog.  Watch as we visit with  attractions, businesses, and talk about arts, culture, First Nations, food, and events. Ride along with us we go out on adventures and try new activities. Oh my, there is so much to talk about! It seems we are going to be blogging for quite some time.

It is our mission to inspire, educate and share with you our experiences in the Nicola Valley. So whether you want to learn more about the valley, plan your next trip or just follow our stories we can help.

Questions and Suggestions

Send us your blog ideas or connect with a blogger

We encourage visitors and locals to send us your ideas for blog topics, and invitations to your Nicola Valley events so we can do our blogging thing. We will travel to nearby communities too, so do not rule out any idea. Throw it our way and lets see if it sticks.

If you are traveling to the Nicola Valley or Merritt, British Columbia, Canada and you have some questions before you arrive please feel free to contact us and we will steer you in the right direction. Lets make your visit to the Nicola Valley, British Columbia, Canada that much better.

Drop us a line and we will get back to you as soon as we get back from exploring. At Experience Nicola Valley living life is priority #1 and you, our friends, come in at a close second.