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Singer, Songwriter, Performer, Actress, Humanitarian and TV Host

The Beverley Mahood Merritt Mural showcases a big-as-life painting, of the highly recognized, award winning singer and songwriter. Therefore, it is easy for us to conclude that this Canadian country music singer is the real deal and possesses the “it” factor. Beverley has earned her spot on a Merritt Mural downtown walking tour located in the Nicola Valley.

Merritt BC Canada Murals

Born to be a Beverley Mahood Merritt Mural

Born on November 2, 1974 in Belfast, Northern Ireland, Beverley immigrated to Canada as a child. Subsequently, Beverley’s musical career started to emerge in her early 20’s. However, her big break came in 1997 when Mahood released her first album,” Girl Out Of The Ordinary”. The country music album generated 4 singles as well as 6 music videos. She was born to be a Merritt Mural from the beginning. 

Beverley Mahood Merritt Mural

Melvina White (Experience Nicola Valley) / Mural Painted by Michelle Loughery

The Canadian Country Music Scene 

In 1998 she signed with a record label owned by producer David Foster. That same year “Lace”, a Canadian country music group, was formed with the backing of Foster. Subsequently, between 1998 and 2001, the band charted four singles on the national country music charts. “I Want a Man”, the first single from the album, charted at number 7 in Canada. In addition, it was also a number one video, on CMT’s Chevy Top 20.

Collaborations With Musicians

Beverly has had the honor of recording ‘Taking Care of Christmas’ with Randy Bachman; ‘Patio Lanterns’ with Kim Mitchell;  ‘Looking like Love’ with Mike Reno (from Lover Boy); ‘Don’t Tell Me How I Feel’ with Dan Hill, as well as, ‘Chariots of Fire’ with Kenny Munshaw.

Beverley Mahood Touring with Musicians

Beverly states that performing on the road is her true passion. Therefore it makes sense why other artists would like to work with her on the road including music greats like George Straight, Tim McGraw, Kenny Rogers and many more. Every Christmas season since 1997 she has toured across Canada with “Order of Canada” artist and activist Tom Jackson’s, “Huron Carole”. The Huron Carole is a musical production touring Canada in a nationwide effort  to raise funding for local food banks. Mahood has worked and supported Canada’s Food Bank since 1997. 

Funding Local Food Banks

Every Christmas season since 1997 she has toured across Canada with “Order of Canada” artist and activist Tom Jackson’s, “Huron Carole”. The Huron Carole is a musical production touring Canada in a nationwide effort to raise funding for local food banks. Most importantly, Mahood has worked and supported Canada’s Food Bank since 1997. 

The World Comes Calling 

Some exclusive performances have taken Beverly to all corners of the world. Beverly was ask to perform for the G8, World’s leaders in 2010. And during the years of 2004, 2010, and 2011, she performed for the American Military, as well as, the Canadian Military during tours in Afghanistan. 

“My songs deal with life , mine and the people I meet along the way. Some are about life challenges but I have met fun happy people too, so it all gets covered.”

Performing for the Royal Family in 2012 was a definite highlight for Beverley. In other words she showed poise, confidence and grace during a performance for William and Kate on their first official visit to Canada. An honour ranking up there with the Beverley Mahood Merritt Mural. But then again I am bias.

Merritt BC Murals Selfie Beverly Mahood Photo

Music Industry Beverley Mahood Style

Beverley Mahood and Brett Wilson established a business partnership in 2005. Together they formed BPM Entertainment Corp. to pursue creative investment opportunities in the entertainment world. However, they parted ways in 2012 when Mahood bought out Brett’s interest in the company. Beverley has continued to grow the business as a  successful entertainment venture.

Beverley Mahood Merritt Mural Compliments Her Songwriting

During her time in country music Mahood has enjoyed building strong relationships with some of Canada’s, as well as, Nashville’s finest. A result of this relationship building, she has built up a productive career in songwriting. Not just her songs either, she has added her writing talents to songs produced for other singers and performers. 

” My biggest musical moment was probably singing with Bryan Adams or ACDC.”

For example, Mahood co-wrote the hit single “Come to Me”. The song was recorded by Celine Dion on her 2005 Miracle album. As a result “Come to Me” was released on radio in 2007. Followed up, soon later, by “Good to Be Alive” which became the theme song for the CMT reality series Project Mother and Project Dad. In the year 2016, the USA Presidential Campaign used Mahood’s song “Chariots of Fire”.  

Acting, Modeling and Television Hosting

Beverley co-hosted Vancouver’s City-TV Breakfast Show through 2004-2005. In 2004 she captured a singer-dance role in the movie “Chicks with Sticks”. She then moved on to host “Project Mom and Dad”, “CMT Central”, as well, as “Karaoke Star”, between 2005-2010. In between, Mahood performed in 2009 at the Bohemian Ball in Toronto. It was held in support of the Sick Kids Foundation. Then from 2010-2014 Mahood hosted “Pick a Puppy” on CMT, YTN, as well as The W Network.  Lastly, in 2014 was high-lighted with a lead roll in the movie “Changing Season’s”.

“My most emotional moment was singing ‘Rainbow Connection’ on stage, one last time with Sesame Street’s Bob McGrath as he announced his retirement in March 2015.”

During these years Beverly was a regular guest on TSN’s “Off The Record”. In addition she acted as a celebrity model for “Bootlegger”, as well as, a TV commercial with “Smokey Robinson & Boyz II Men”.  She hosted a CBC Canada Day Celebration on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, for a crowd of hundreds of thousands.

A Sample Of Awards 

One of the many reasons Beverley Mahood Merritt Mural makes sense is her 5 Juno nominations. As well as, Mahood has earned 3 Canadian Country Music Awards for ‘Female Independent Artist’, CMT’s ‘Indie Artist of the Year’, as well as, numerous Ontario Country Music Association Awards.

“As Artists we have the privilege of a voice and a stage. We have a responsibility to use that privilege so those without can be heard.”

In 2004 the United Nations saw fit to award Beverley the “Outreach Award”. The Canadian Country Music Association, in 2014, presented Mahood with the Prestigious “Slaight Music Humanitarian Award” for her philanthropic work.

Giving Back

Mahood has shown a deep commitment to humanitarian work. So her dedication to good causes is the reason for the overwhelming recognition she receives for her participation from humanitarian agencies around the world. For example 2019 will mark the 22nd year Beverley has hosted and performed at The Saskatchewan Kinsmen Telemiracle held every year. 

“My terms and sense of charity and giving doesn’t come along with what I’m getting from it. It’s important for everyone to give back. Philanthropy doesn’t have anything to do with the size of your wallet, but rather the size of your heart.”

View the Beverley Mahood Merritt Mural 

Beverley Mahood would return to Merritt BC on the Saturday afternoon of May 16, 2006 to participate in the unveiling of her painting at a mural ceremony in Downtown Merritt.  

“I want to cover the story Merritt wants to tell and what this means to the artists. It’s the community that makes Merritt so special” 


“It’s pretty unreal,” she said after she finished signing the mural. “You really don’t know what to expect until you see it.”

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2051 Nicola Avenue

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