Merritt, BC., Shaping A Cake Without Shape Pans – Merritt BC Bakery

Shaping A Cake Without Shape Pans – Merritt BC Bakery

Shaping A Cake Without Shape Pans – Merritt BC Bakery

The best way to shape a cake without shape pans!

The first step; is to have all the right tools ready to go, and  all tools are sanitized and already out ready to use.

Deciding On The Type Of Cake:

The next step is to decide if your going to use slabs which can be 1/4. 1/2, or a full sheet for layered cakes, or Bundt cake pans mostly used in reptile cakes such as snakes, or round cake pans; usually 6″, 9″, and 12″ for tiered cakes. 

How Many Layers?

There are many ways to do a layer cake, for example: a customer wants say a 3D type shape cake, and depending on how many people they are feeding. It ranges from most of the time 20 – 200 people, like I said it depends.

Decisions, Decisions:

No matter what is decided. All cakes whether it be layered, tiered, or otherwise, the best way is to have the cakes made and placed beside you on a cookie sheet or parchment paper.

Until your ready to create the shapes: The first layer is placed on the cake board and iced on top, then place the next, and so-forth until all layers or tiers are all placed.

Ready To Carve Your Creation:

 Next you start to trim the cake, and shape it a little at a time because then there is not much time lost or mistakes being made during this process.

Icing The Cake!

Once the cake has been done to the design, ( depending on what your using, such as buttercream, fondant, or a glazed cake).

You proceed to the next procedure! This is an art; so if your unsure of the design you can also do research on the types of cake designs.

Get ideas and or watch the YouTube step by step versions as well: Of  course you can change it up a little so that it would be your design.

Extra Advice!

Now put it together! some cakes take all day to do so your best bet is if you have more than one to do in a day always, always have the cake made in advanced, and or shape to the design and freeze until the expected date  required. 

Story Book Cake


It is not a good idea with fondant. It will dry it up too fast, and crack. While it is being thawed!

So if you decide to put fondant on the cake do it the night before and let it sit on the counter or prep table over night and covered for the next day.

Otherwise you will be starting all over again, which is fine if you have the time!


You did it! great job! don’t forget to pat yourself on the back! You made it through a cake carving and or shaping a cake without a cake shape pan! No shoe cake pan required! (laughing my ass off)!




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