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Coal Branch Hotel A Road Trip!

The Coal Branch Hotel In Robb Alberta

The Coal Branch Hotel in Robb Alberta. A must to EXPERIENCE on your travels list in Alberta.

Well this road trip sure brought me back a few years! Yes, the Coal Branch Hotel actually brought me into a time warp back about 20 years! That’s 20 years before I was even born. Hard to really wrap my thoughts around that, however, being inside the Coal Branch Hotel certainly makes it easier to imagine!

A little off the beaten track 53 km. from the main highway between Edson and Hinton but so worth it! A hotel with stories to tell in the walls and hallways, the attic and the cold room.  a history going back to 1943. Them good old days! You know when there was no internet, 🙁or emojis or even google!

Coal Branch Hotel

The Coal Branch Hotel

The Coal Branch Hotel

The Coal Branch Hotel


Located in a Hamlet, Robb Alberta.

The Coal Branch Hotel is located in what’s called a hamlet. A small human settlemet, according to Wikipedia. And Robb is that. SMALL. There is about 200 residents that live here. However, even though the town is small, The Coal Branch Hotel has a big life! A new family to love it and share it, and to continue to offer good old fashioned service, food and sleeps. The Coal Branch Hotel is still, 76 years later, a  Robb BC social gathering place!

The Lounge at the Coal Branch Hotel

The Hotel, Liquor Store, General Store and Restaurant.

The Hotel offers a restaurant liquor store a small general store, hotel rooms along with 6 fully serviced RV sites. Open 7 days a week. Monday- Friday 430AM to 10PM (bar open until 10) with the dining room closing at 8 PM Saturday 8:30AM -10PM with the restauraunt closing at 8 PM. Also open Sundays 10 – 2

Step back in time 70 years!

Sitting here in the lounge and restaurant I can see a WIFI sticker on the wall advertising they offer WIFI. I can image it would have said something like horse tie up out back, or dancing on Saturday Nights back then. or perhaps it was “no gambling” after all it’s patrons were many hard working mining men!


Family owned and operated.

Kevin & Brittany (father and daughter) are the proud new owners since Dec 2018. Together with Sandi, Kevin’s wife, and Paul, Kevin’s son, they saw an opportunity and went for it! A quiet place to live work and Play! Kevin is head Chef, while Sandi and Brittany run the show! The Hotel was originally named named the Bryan Hotel and has been renamed to the Coal Branch Hotel in December 2018.  Paul, the son of Kevin, who is 25 years old, likes running a business, and likes living outside of the busy city where he lived in BC! He likes to greet guests. The family run hotel is super friendly and attentive to every guest!



Good old fashioned food, great atmosphere together with fantastic hospitality!

When the Hanlan-Robb Gas Plant was being built, the Coal Branch Hotel (formerly Bryan Hotel) was the place to eat and be social. “packed in fact”,  so I am told. These days, you can still find it packed especially when they are serving up a special! Like the night I was there for Steak Night! I also saw some of the guests ordering an ice cold beer and homemade Chilli, a heaping huge plate of spaghetti, and a slice of freshly made apple and Lemon Meringue pie!

Good old fashioned food, in addition to great atmosphere and fantastic hospitality deserve a shout out! I met a family that came in for lunch today, and they could not stop raving about the service and the lunch! They were from right here in Robb!

Cooking at the Coal Branch Hotel

Kevin Cooking up some good eats

Visitors come from all over the world

People come from all over the world for the outdoor  recreation. Everything from Snowmobilers, quading, hunters, fishermen, hikers, bikers, Horse back riders, nature lovers and country lovers. The fishing is HOT HOT HOT in Robb,  Good news for me because I love fishing! There is many lakes and rivers to explore and the fishing brings in, trout, arctic grayling, rainbow, perch, jacks, Excellent fishing with trophy sized catches. CLICK HERE for more fishing information and regulations.








The Wildlife In Robb Alberta

“Be Bear aware”.  Come to Robb prepared for sightings. For Example you may see; Grizzlies, Black Bear, along with wolverines, wolves, cougars, elk and deer.  Fox, skunk, all kinds of birds and I even saw a white Hare! A nature lovers paradise! Bring your camera!

Is the Coal Branch Hotel Haunted?

Is it haunted? You will have to come and find out! Rumour has it, rooms 1 & 5 may have some spirits!?? Please let us know what you experience!

I think I lived in those good old days in another life.

 In Conclusion, I loved my road trip to the  “COAL BRANCH HOTEL” It brought me back in time and I loved it! Can’t wait to go back!

Contact them 7 days a week.

4934 49 A Ave. Robb Alberta

Location Map

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